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Grace Vycor Plus Self-Adhered Flashing

Grace Vycor Plus provides premium exterior protection against water, air and moisture leaks. It works by sealing a wall's vulnerable spots, such as window and door openings, corner boards, under stucco finishes, masonry walls, decks and other flashing areas. It is designed to work in severe winter climates, milder climates and in coastal areas where wind-driven rain is common. Compatible with wood, plywood, concrete and masonry, it fully adheres to the substrate to prevent water from passing through. The product is 25 mil thick and available in 75-foot rolls in widths of 4, 6, 9 and 12 inches. It should not be used on roofs.


Grace Vycor Plus Adhered Flashing

Grace Vycor Plus Adhered Flashing

Product Advantages
  • Available with Ripcord® split release on demand
  • Easier and faster to install correctly
  • Improved product performance
  • Proper integration with housewrap/other weather-resistive barriers
  • Reduces the risk of rot and mold development

Moisture Control is the First Step to Mold Control

Water from both exterior and interior sources is among the worst enemies of building structures. When water enters the wall system and remains there for a long time, it creates a favorable environment for the development of rot, mold and mildew. Proper waterproofing and flashing practices are necessary to ensure high quality, long-lasting construction. Repairs of rot and mold are major concerns for homebuilders, contractors, architects, and homeowners. Not only are such repairs difficult, but they are also extremely costly. Window and door openings, deck-to-wall intersections, foundation sill plates, corners, and other penetration areas are the most common water entry points. A self-adhered flashing membrane, properly integrated with the other elements of the building structure, creates a barrier to water entry and a drainage plane for water to drain out of the wall. Grace Vycor® Plus, a high performance selfadhered flashing membrane, provides premium protection against water infiltration in all critical non-roof detail areas, that traditional building papers, felts and housewraps cannot match.When properly installed, it can reduce the risk of rot and mold development, often associated with costly call-backs.


Product Description

Grace Vycor Plus self-adhered flashing is composed of durable, cross-laminated, highdensity polyethylene sheet, backed by an aggressive, pressure-sensitive rubberized asphalt adhesive. Ripcord is available in 6 in. (150 mm),

Features & Benefits

Ripcord—With the sophistication of construction practices it becomes a must to follow the proper sequencing principles. Ripcord offers the flexibility to install half the membrane before and the other half after the other building envelope components are installed, i.e. housewrap or felt. Only in this way are the proper installation principles followed.
     Easy to work withMembrane installation is fast and easy—simply remove the release paper and press onto the substrate.With Grace Vycor Plus contractors can flash more windows with better quality.
    Superior adhesion capabilities—The membrane creates a strong bond to the substrate for long-lasting waterproofing protection.
     Seals around fastenersThe specially formulated rubberized asphalt adhesive seals around fasteners, allowing no water to penetrate and get to the substrate.
    Forms water-tight lapsGrace Vycor Plus’ superior adhesion properties ensure strong laps, even in seams in the flashing.
      Measurement markingsThe membrane surface is clearly marked at every 6 in. (150 mm) and 12 in. (300 mm) intervals to facilitate the installation procedure.
     Highly conformable and flexibleCan accommodate settlement and shrinkage movement.
     Proven track recordGrace Vycor Plus employs the same proven technology as our Grace Ice &Water Shield®—the market leader in self-adhered underlayments for over 30 years.
     Long-lasting waterproofing protectionBoth the polyethylene film and the specially-formulated rubberized asphalt components create a water and moisture barrier that does not degrade from the effects of the environment.


Grace Vycor Plus is a unique solution, appropriate for working around a number of detail areas, including, but not limited to:
  • Window and door openings (headers, sills, jambs, thresholds, nailing flanges)
  • Deck-to-wall intersections
  • Corner boards
  • Wall-to-wall tie-ins
  • Foundation sill plates
  • Sheathing panel seams
  • Under stucco finishes
  • Masonry walls
  • Other non-roof detail areas

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

Apply Grace Vycor Plus in fair weather when the air, surface and membrane are at temperatures of 25°F (-4°C) or higher. After precipitation, allow a minimum of 24 hours for drying before installing the flashing. Install directly onto a clean and dry surface. Some compatible substrates include wood, plywood, oriented strand board, metal, concrete and masonry. Remove dust, dirt, and loose nails. Protrusions must be removed. Surfaces shall have no voids, damaged, or unsupported areas. Repair surfaces beforeinstalling the membrane.

Precautions & Limitations

Grace Vycor Plus is designed for critical NON-ROOF flashing details. The membrane is slippery—DO NOT install on the roof; DO NOT walk on the membrane. Do not leave the product permanently exposed to sunlight. Maximum recommended exposure time is 30 days. Due to its slight asphaltic odor, apply this product where the membrane is not exposed to interior living space. Grace Vycor Plus should not be used in hot desert areas in the southwestern United States. Grace Vycor Plus is not compatible with flexible PVC. Contact window manufacturer for specific application instructions required when using a bituminous-based flashing. Certain metal window applications with integral nail fin may have specific limitations. Some solvents in certain caulking may be incompatible with the adhesive in Grace Vycor Plus.

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