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Product Code: 11C836FLRK
Description: 8'X36" AZEK/Premier 3-1/2 FLAT 



AZEK Premier Railing

AZEK Building Products proudly introduces AZEK Rail. AZEK Rail joins the AZEK family of premium exterior products including AZEK Trim, the #1 brand of trim; AZEK Deck, the #1 brand of stain resistant decking; AZEK Mouldings; and AZEK Porch.

AZEK Rail offers the beauty and feel of real wood coupled with the high durability and low maintenance you expect from AZEK. AZEK Rail is available in three styles so you can choose the one that’s right for your lifestyle.

AZEK Premier Railing, the classic Victorian railing, is available in white and six popular colors - including three options that complement AZEK Deck.

Railing Installation Guide For AZEK Premier Railing

Please read all instructions completely before starting any part of the installation.

Each railing kit comes complete with all parts, hardware and installation guide to install one complete rail section (excluding posts.) Railing sections have been pre-cut to 6 ft. or 8 ft. lengths. Check to ensure that the kit is complete.

Safety: Always wear goggles when handling, cutting, drilling and fastening materials.
Note: Check local code requirements.

1. Post Sleeve Installations

NOTE: Post sleeves are not designed to be used in structural applications.

Therefore, they should not be use d where they may be subject to weight bearing app lications such as suppo rts for a roof of a po rch or deck. The Post Sleeve has been designed to slide easily over a nominal wood 4 x 4 (min. 3 3/8” x 3 3/8 ”, max. 3 9/16” x 3 9/16”) post after the deck sub-structure is complete and the deck boards have been fastened. The 4 x 4 should extend down to the bottom of the rim joist and be completely “BOXED IN” around all 4 corners for the firmest attachment (see Figure 1). At this time, make sure the 4 x 4 wood posts are level and plumb to ease the installation of your railing system. If the nominal wood 4 x 4 post is twisted or oversized it will be necessary to shave the 4 x 4 wood post. Next, slide the Post Sleeve over the wood post (Do not force the Post Sleeve over the 4 x 4 as it may eventually lead to a crack or split.) Post Sleeves may also be used over a wood post installed with a Surface Mount Bracket or over a Tallboy Surface Mount Bracket. For installation of a wood post to concrete, refer to the Surface Mount Bracket installation instructions or your local dealer.

2. Post Sleeve Height Calculations

Calculate and cut Post Sleeve to required height. Slide Post Sleeve over 4 x 4 wood post into position. For 36” rail, cut Post Sleeve to a minimum of 38”. For 42” rail, cut Post Sleeve to a minimum of 44”.

3. POST SLEEVE Measurements and cutting

Measure between posts, top and bottom to obtain the rail length. Also check the opening to ensure the Post Sleeves, newel posts or walls where the rail is to be installed are square and plumb. To obtain proper baluster spacing, measure half the determined rail length on the retainer/bottom rail from the center of the part. (Note: This could be on a hole or from the center between holes only.) If there is not enough room to fit the bracket and baluster side by side, alter the rail center from center hole to between holes or from between holes to center hole (this will move your baluster 2 5/8” either direction). Be sure not to allow any more than 4” between post sleeve and first baluster. If a rail must be cut so that the baluster sits on the bracket, the baluster end must be notched to fit around bracket and bracket bolt.

4. Retainers and Bottom Rail bracket installation

Place the “U” shaped end of the painted stainless steel bracket on the underside of the retainer and bottom rail. Be sure to place the bracket just slightly inside (1/16”) the cut edge of the retainer and bottom rail. Mark and drill pilot holes with a 3/16” bit. Drill out the two mounting holes to 3/8”. Note: When drilling for the bottom rail, drill through bottom wall only – do not drill through the top surface. Using the supplied 6mm Allen Wrench, screw the threaded inserts into the 3/8” holes from the bottom until flush. Be careful not to over torque. Next, fasten each bracket with (2) 1/4” x 20 panhead bolts to the underside of the retainer and bottom rail.

5. Assemble, Fasten and Slide

Align the ends of each Baluster with the pre-drilled holes in the Retainer .Using the 1 3/4” # 8 wood screws, fasten the Balusters to the Retainer first, through the pre-drilled holes. Do not over torque. Align the ends of the Balusters with the holes in the Bottom Rail and fasten the Balusters to the Bottom Rail through the pre-drilled holes using the 3” # 8 wood screws.

6. Center Railing Support

Fasten center support in center of railing using 1” selftapping screws.

7. Level and Attach Railing

Place assembled railing between Posts and level. Mark holes.
Remove assembled railing.
Drill pilot holes in the Posts with a 13/64” drill bit. Re-position assembled railing. Fasten the section to the post using the 14 x 2” stainless steel painted screws supplied with a #3 square drive bit.


8. Post Cap Application

Apply generous amount of construction grade adhesive to top edges of Post Cap and press Post Cap firmly into place.

9. Fasten Handrail to Retainer

Take remaining self drilling screws that were used in Step 6 and install up through the retainer into the handrail to lock it in place. Space screws evenly over the span.

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