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Product Code: 30V400
Description: COR-A-VENT (X-5) X-TREME RIDGE VENT 4FT. 



Cor-A-Vent X-5 X-Treme Ridge Ventilation System

X-5 Ridge Vent - 11" & 8 1/2"

Stop rain and snow cold with the wind-activated A.W.F. (Active Weather Foil), X-5 provides complete protection in extreme weather conditions.

  •  17" NFVA per lineal foot provides superior ventilation
  •   Power-Nailable
  •  Use on pitches from 3/12 to 16/12
  •   Each carton includes four end caps

Cor-A-Vent introduces new X-5 - The Complete Solution - superior ventilation performance and the ability to stop rain and snow infiltration cold. . . even in weather extremes.

In 1980, when Cor-A-Vent introduced V-400, the first shingle-over ridge vent, it set the roofing industry and the ventilation market on its ear.    
Now, you could have a well-vented attic and a good-looking roof at the same time.  Soon, we had a slew of copiers, all trying to capitalize on our success.     
Somehow, the competition always seems to focus on keeping weather out - not on ventilation.  The assortment of baffled, filtered and fabric wrapped ridge vents is seemingly endless. 
We view most of them with a somewhat jaundiced eye.  Maybe the phrase that best describes them is: “Nothing in – nothing out!"

The key is the AWF – the active weather foil.

What is the AWF?

It’s a specially designed, wind-activated, weather impenetrable valve - permanently attached to the bottom layer of our X-5 vent material.

How does the AWF work?

   OutsideTestSetup-LR.jpg (5687 bytes)Through extensive research and testing, we’ve engineered the valve to close at 10 MPH (± 3 MPH). The leading (windward) edge of the AWF, which is shaped like an airfoil, catches the wind blowing at it and snaps shut. Meanwhile, on the downwind (leeward) side of the vent, the lift or draw caused by airflow over the ridge is busy exhausting hot, moist air from the attic. This is true, whether the wind is blowing directly at the ridge, or from an angle. Below 10 MPH, the valve opens completely for positive ventilation from both sides of the vent. Effectively, the AWF blocks any weather from entering through the vent’s flutes.

How long will the AWF last?

Developed from a special formulation of Reemay® nonwoven with an UV inhibited proprietary coating, it’s guaranteed to last. Tested to the same standards as composition shingles, the AWF fabric was subjected to a 5000-hour exposure test from a Xenon Arc weatherometer. That’s the equivalent of 25 years exposure to south Florida or Death Valley sun. The results - no significant embrittlement or degradation. You can be sure the AWF will remain flexible - there to protect your attic from infiltration over the life of your roof.

Will the AWF hinge break or wear out?

X-5 has a nearly perfect hinge. To test its durability, we devised a “flutter” test. This set up utilizes a wind interrupter positioned between a blower and the valve. As the air stream hits the interrupter, it opens and closes the valve very rapidly, like flipping a light switch on/off. Using an infrared tachometer, we counted over 10,000,000 cycles in 30 days - the equivalent of an open/close once every minute for 30 years. Afterwards, the valve showed no signs of stress or cracking when examined under a microscope.

Will the AWF get stuck open or closed?

When fully closed, the leading edge of the AWF extends past the top of the shingle cap, so it can’t get wedged shut. Once the wind speeds drops below 20 MPH, the valve returns to its full open position. The AWF incorporates a lift spacer to insure the valve doesn’t stick or freeze to the roof in cold weather. The AWF also utilizes relief kerfs every 12”, so the valve is sure to open and close smoothly when installed on wavy or irregular ridges.

Will the AWF work on steep pitches?

In house, we’ve tested X-5 on 12/12 installations, with no leakage. Unlike baffled ridge vents, airborne rain & snow doesn’t blow over the AWF and into your attic. It stays sealed until the wind lets up. By comparison, actual Dade County tests are run on 2/12 roof sections. This is not real world, as very few houses have 2/12 roofs on them. In fact, most shingle manufacturers won’t even warranty a 2/12 installation

Will the AWF work when the ridge is covered with snow?

 As the roof warms up, the ridge is the first part to melt off.When it does, the valve is again free to perform. Until then, the snow covering the ridge effectively prevents infiltration.

When performance counts – count on X-5. From Cor-A-Vent – continuing our tradition as 

        “The Leader In Innovative Rooftop Ventilation”

Key Benefits

17 sq. in NFVA per lineal foot X-5 is now available in both 11" and 8 1/2" wide models
1 inch high, low profile design
Enhanced Snow Screen™ design to prevent fine blowing snow from entering the vent 2 widths to choose from: 11" and 8 1/2"
Crush Proof Design
Made from heat resistant polypropylene
AWF (Active Weather Foil) Blocks Infiltration
Works great as a hip vent
Power Nailable - use 1 3/4" roofing nail

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