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Building Materials

Building Materials

The Arlington Coal and Lumber has about 100 years of experience in supplying lumber and other high quality building materials. When you need materials that you can rely on for years, at a price that makes sense, let the Arlington Coal and Lumber Company help you. Looking for something specific? We probably have it in our extensive catalog of construction products. And what we don't have we can order for you.


CertainTeed RoofingArlington Coal and Lumber Company is the no.1 company providing quality roofing materials to many homebuilders for their construction projects. Our roofing products have the ability to guard home from weather disturbances such as strong typhoons, strong winds, heavy rains and direct exposure to sunlight.


CertainTeed InsulationAlways rely on a trusted brand in adding insulation to your home whether for thermal or impact insulation. At Arlcoal, our superior insulation products guarantee thermal comfort through heat reduction processes such as: conduction, radiation, or convection.

Drywall and Masonry Products

Sakrete ProductsArlington Coal and Lumber Company drywall products protect your walls and ceiling linings from mold growth to destructive insects. With our powerful product lines we ensure absolute interior wall protection without compromising your budget.


Hardware and Tools

Hardware and ToolsCareful selection of high quality hardware and tools are the key to a successful house projects. At Arlington Coal and Lumber Company, we offer excellent hardware products that will fit your house requirements.


Composite & PVC Boards

Composite & PVC BoardsArlington Coal and Lumber Company offers a wide selection of low-maintenance Composite & PVC Boards. Compared to other retailers, our products are designed with a smooth surface that isn't susceptible to splintering and requires minimal cleaning, ensuring that you and your family are kept safe from any wood related accidents.