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CertainTeed Insulation

Arlington Coal and Lumber is proud to carry CertainTeed Insulation in our powerful line of insulation products. CertainTeed is a reputable manufacturer of fiber glass insulation, spray foam insulation, mold prevention, HVAC-Mechanical, Stone Wool (Rock Wool) and Marine Insulation. Bringing these products to our valued homeowners will enhance their daily living. We believe that every cent you spend is important. That's why we encourage you to choose our products and we guarantee they're worth the investment.

CertainTeed Fiber Glass Insulation

Fiber Glass Insulation

Fiber Glass Insulation is an artificial construction material used to reduced thermal changes and sound transmission in buildings. It's made of bundles of very thin strands of glass, which has a high surface area-to-weight ratio that makes it a lightweight, cost-effective, and practical option for both residential and commercial applications. Fiberglass insulation is packaged in rolls that are installed along the walls and ceilings of a building during construction.

10" Roll Insulation, 3 1/2" Roll Insulation, 6 1/4" Roll Insulation, 8 1/4" Roll Insulation, Fire Wrap Insulation, Sheet Insulations

CertainTeed Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Compared to other insulation products, Spray Foam Insulation is easy to install and excellent for preventing heat loss. This product is non-toxic which is safe for your family's health. It has the ability to fill in air gaps when it expands to about 100 times from its original volume. Over time, when the house expands and contracts, foam insulation does too. This eliminates cracks and spaces for warm air to escape.

CertainTeed Mold Prevention

Mold Prevention

After the rain, mold becomes a major problem. Crawl space and sewages are prone to leak due to pipe breakage. This might result in wet floors and walls and can be a good place for mold growth. So why will you allow that to happen if you can use Certain Teed Mold Prevention? This is an excellent product that stops mold growth when the rainy season comes.

CertainTeed HVAC-Mechanical


Only CertainTeed understands the distinct needs of the air handling HVAC unlike other companies. Starting with our modern manufacturing facilities, and up to the dedicated sales and service team, we commit our time attending to your daily business requirements. We're a supplier that is able to grant all your needs, such as delivery, fabrication, building science, technical support or product specs and much more.

CertainTeed Stone Wool (Rock Wool)

Stone Wool (Rock Wool)

Stone Wool is a mineral-wool-type insulation that is excellent for resistance to high temperature; it offers maximum fire protection in a wide variety of fire-rated applications. Because it's manufactured from slag, a by-product of iron ore reduction, the natural fiber in these blankets are highly fire resistant.

CertainTeed Marine Insulation

Marine Insulation

Marine Insulation provides superior fire protection in addition to premium thermal and acoustical performance. This product is non-combustible, high temperature insulation composed of high melting-point temperature fibers that deliver substantial weight savings compared to traditional stone wool marine insulation. It is available unfaced or faced on one side with fiber scrim-reinforced aluminum facing (FSK), black glass tissue, and glass fiber fabric or wire mesh.

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