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United States Gypsum Drywall Products

Arlington Coal and Lumber Company is proud to showcase United States Gypsum Products to every American homeowner and let them experience the benefits of using this product. USG Gypsum Drywall used as interior wall or ceiling which can be an additional layer of protection against fire related incident. Call us now and our well-trained sales team is ready to answer your inquiries right away.

USG Sheetrock Gypsum Panels

SHEETROCK® Brand Gypsum Panels

SHEETROCK Brand gypsum panels are the most widely used gypsum panels on the market. They score and snap easily, allowing for quick installation and decoration. The panels are composed of a fire-resistant gypsum core encased in 100-percent recycled natural-finish face paper and 100-percent recycled liner paper on the backside.

USG Sheetrock Firecode C-Core Gypsum Panels

SHEETROCK® Brand FIRECODE® C Core Gypsum Panels

SHEETROCK FIRECODE C Core gypsum panels provide improved fire protection over standard FIRECODE panels due to additives that enhance the integrity of the core under fire exposure. They comply with Type X requirements. Systems using these gypsum panels have qualified for fire ratings of up to 4 hours in walls, 3 hours in ceilings, 4 hours for column protection.

USG Sheetrock All-Purpose Joint Compound

SHEETROCK® Brand All-Purpose Joint Compound

SHEETROCK All-Purpose Joint Compounds are used for embedding paper joint tape, finishing gypsum panel joints, and hand applying simple texturing. They are also ideal for skim coating gypsum panel surfaces and laminating and repairing cracks in interior plaster and masonry that is not subject to moisture. The compounds offer easy workability and deliver excellent slip and bond and good crack resistance.

USG Imperial Gypsum Base

IMPERIAL® Gypsum Base

Imperial Sag-Resistant Interior Ceiling Gypsum Base is designed for veneer plaster systems. They are formulated for greater sag resistance than 5/8" gypsum panels, making them the ideal choice for ceilings. They offer lateral stability and high sound resistance.

USG Imperial Gypsum Base, Firecode C Core


IMPERIAL® Gypsum Base, FIRECODE® C Core combines the advantages of regular IMPERIAL Brand Gypsum Base with additional resistance to fire when used as a component in a fire-related assembly. IMPERIAL Brand Gypsum Base, FIRECODE Core C panels provide greater fire-resistance performance than Type X panels. It is a large size, rigid base for the economical application of veneer plasters.

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