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Interior and Exterior Finish

Interior & Exterior Finish

Your house is not a home without the fine details that you put in there. Even though you may have a structure that stands, without the right interior and exterior finish for your residence, the value of your house is limited. Let Arlington Coal and Lumber Company provide you with the materials you need to turn your home into a modern-day masterpiece and bring your property value up.

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Dressed Boards & Finishings

Dressed Boards & FinishingsThe use of beautiful softwoods such as cedar, redwood, poplar, birch, pine and fir and hardwoods such oak can be used as interior or exterior trim for your home. These woods can be used for mouldings or for practical parts for your home such as the cornerboard, fascia, soffit, rakeboards. You can expose and show the beauty of wood by using a clear finish for the dressed boards and finishings that are available right here.


MouldingsMouldings are the finishing touches you need to beautify your home. These decorative elements are manufactured from materials such as wood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and cellular PVC and are easy to install ornaments to improve the aesthetics of your room. We carry all types of mouldings that are appropriate for use, so check them out before making your choice.


Interior Stair Parts

Interior Stair PartsIf your floor has more than one storey, then you'll definitely need a staircase to complete it. We carry parts from the top manufacturers of interior stair parts in the country, and you'll certainly find what you're looking for with us. You can choose to install a complete staircase or even pick the parts individually to create a look that is as as one-of-a-kind as you are.


Interior Doors

Interior DoorsYou can improve the look of your home by choosing the right entryway to protect your privacy. Interior doors serve this purpose and you can always find the right one by checking out the companies that we represent. We carry product lines that can fit any style of home and the interior door you've been looking for can be found right here.


Columns and Posts

Columns & PostsSome architectural designs need to use columns or posts to complete their look, and we have all the items that you need from the top companies in the field. These manufacturers have columns and posts in every style that you could want, from classical and traditional to modern and contemporary. Their columns and posts are also made from a variety of materials so you can truly find the post or column you need that fits your budget.


Finish Hardware

Finish HardwareThese are the elements a home needs to finish the look of your doors to increase their allure, but security is also a consideration from some of the manufacturers that we carry. Beautiful metalwork is the material these parts are made of, and the addition of lustrous brass, wrought iron or stainless steel to your door is nothing short of magical.