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Crown Column & Millwork

Crown Column & Millwork is a manufacturer of various styles of fiberglass and wood architectural columns and posts for the home, as well as their accesories. Their exquisite products are created by master craftsman and trained technicians who combine centuries old principles with modern technology. Their dedication to the classical orders is why the Arlington Coal & Lumber Company carry their line of products, and you can find yourself in the possession of their high quality columns and posts by contacting one of our sales representatives today.

Crown Round Fiberglass Columns

Round Fiberglass Columns

Crown Column's round fiberglass columns are manufactured out of cast glass-reinforced polymers with exceptional strength and durability. They are a satisfying combination of modern-day technology and low maintenance care. Each column shaft is produced with the lower one third straight and the upper two thirds tapered, resulting in a most pleasing appearance.

Crown Square Fiberglass Columns

Square Fiberglass Columns

Square fiberglass columns offer a pleasing alternative to the more traditional round columns. Crown Column's square columns are made from specially formulated glass-reinforced polymers with a one-piece shaft, resulting in columns that are both lightweight and strong. These columns are easy to handle, water-resistant and impervious to moisture-related problems.

Crown Colonial & Authentic Wood Columns

Colonial & Authentic Wood Columns

The Colonial wood column is the most popular choice in Crown's stock wood column collection. Both columns are available plain or fluted. The Colonial is manufactured with a double bead molding and has a gradual straight taper while the Authentic has a double taper approximately one foot below the top of the shaft.

Crown Classic Columns

Classic Wood Columns

Crown’s Classic wood column is an upgraded selection to the Colonial and Authentic styles. They are available with a plain or fluted shaft, and are manufactured with a one-third straight, two-third radius taper. The bead detail of these Classic wood columns is more sophisticated and has an architectural attractiveness.

Crown Classic Hardwood Columns

Classic Hardwood Columns

Crown's Classic Hardwood Columns are quality stain grade columns manufactured from select hardwoods such as Red Oak, Cherry, Maple and Mahogany. They are used for interior applications; this column incorporates a tapered shaft with a true classical entasis and a traditional style bead.

Crown Synthetic Capitals and Bases

Synthetic Capitals and Bases

Crown fiberglass columns come standard with a Tuscan capital and base molding. These caps and bases are made from materials that are water resistant, rot resistant and impervious to insect infestation. Various design styles are available and a full range of decorative capitals for more traditional installations. Synthetic caps and bases are also available for use with Crown's wood columns.

Crown Wood Porch Posts

Wood Porch Posts

Crown’s line of wood porch models and lamp posts add a distinctive touch to any style home. Porch posts are often used as supporting elements for porches, and combined with other porch elements such as establish the popular Victorian style. Crown's wood porch posts are constructed of select softwoods and are laminated and finger-jointed for greater strength and stability.

Crown Vinyl Porch Posts

Vinyl Porch Posts

Crown's Regal vinyl porch posts combine the latest in matrials and technology to provide a product with extremely low maintenance yet exceptional detail. These vinyl porch posts are load bearing and are available in three styles: Colonial, Contemporary and Lamp Post. Each one has an immaculate finish in white, tan and clay colors.

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