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Crown Heritage is a national company that manufactures stair systems for the home and has a rich history spanning more than a half century. The style and beauty of its wood and forged iron stair collections, along with industry-leading technological developments make Crown Heritage the homeowner's preference when it comes to stairs for their residence. That is why the Arlington Coal & Lumber Company stocks their product line of stair parts for your home. All you have to do is contact one of our sales reps and we can get Crown Heritage stairs or stair parts into your home in no time at all.

Crown Heritage Sierra Collection

Sierra Collection

The Sierra Collection is reminiscent of 18th century Spanish Colonial charm with its classic and bold character. The collection’s wellbalanced proportions and strong design make Sierra an enduring classic for any home.

Crown Heritage Williamsburg Collection

Williamsburg Collection

Inspired by the stately homes of the 17th and 18th centuries, the Williamsburg Collection is reminiscent of an age of hospitality and style in Colonial America. The balusters' strategically aligned architectural squares give the stairway a graceful, elongated appearance.

Crown Heritage 1800s Collection

1800s Collection

The 1800s Collection blends simplicity of design with the strength of wood. Characterized by its classic double vase design and lamb's tongue drop shoulder, the stairway vividly recalls an era of inspired architecture and gracious living.

Crown Heritage Carolina Collection

Carolina Collection

The Carolina Collection, with its refined reminiscence of the Georgian and Greek Revival architecture, becomes an eloquent expression of Old-World romance. Defined by the baluster's elongated vase, this stairway brings 19th century elegance to your home.

Crown Heritage Jefferson Collection

Jefferson Collection

The Jefferson Collection recalls an era inspired by art, science and revolutionary thought. Slender and intricately crafted, the balusters are distinguished by their graceful “hourglass” double vase.

Crown Heritage Hampton Collection

Hampton Collection

Masterful dimensions and a stalwart beauty define the Hampton Collection. This 20th century style is created for homeowners who prefer a strong, substantial stairway at a reasonable price. Inspired by the architecture of that area, this is elegant living at its best.

Crown Heritage Colonial Collection

Colonial Collection

The Colonial Collection is a tradition directly from 19th century America. This stairway’s classic proportions and understated design lend charm and character to any home’s decor. This is a true classic that is available at a competitive price.

Crown Heritage Classic Collection

Classic Collection

The Classic Collection is an understated symphony of planes and angles. The long, square balusters can be installed two ways: on the outside of the handrail for a fresh, modern effect, or beneath the handrail for a look inspired by the principles of Federal design.

Crown Heritage Forged Iron Balusters

Forged Iron Balusters

Seven handcrafted collections bring together the style and design of forged iron with the warmth of wood to stair projects that need an exquisite look and design. With multiple options available, the ability to customize the style of any stairway is easily achieved with these choices. They are available in 5 finishes and hollow balusters can also be chosen..

Crown Heritage Box Newels

Box Newels

Adding box newels to any design will create a crisp look and provide architectural style at an affordable price. The warm richness of wood box newels are the perfect compliment to elegant wood or handcrafted forged iron balusters. The patented Primed Box Newels are finished with the same process as the primed stair parts.

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