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A reputation for reliability and integrity of design has been the driving force for Emtek since their inception in 1981. As a manufacturer of specialty hardware products for door companies, Emtek supplies their customers with superior finish products that complete the look of their door, whatever style they have in mind. The Arlington Coal & Lumber Company is proud to provide their discerning customers with the products in Emtek's catalogue, and contacting any of our sales representatives is all you have to do to get high quality Emtek hardware on your door today.

Emtek Entrysets


Emtek supplies a variety of complete entrysets for your door. They have different models for Mortise entrysets, Brass Tubular entrysets, Wrought Steel entrysets, Bronze Tubular entrysets, Stainless Steel Tubular entrysets, Keyed locksets and Screen Door locksets. This lock-and-trim hardware is a small detail that can make a big impression for your front door.

Emtek Knobsets


For your interior hardware finishing needs, Emtek carries a variety of knobset models in various materials to complete the look of your rooms. Brass knobsets and leversets are available, as are Stainless Steel knosets and leversets, Crystal knobsets, Porcelain knobsets and Wrought Steel knobsets. Bronze and Tuscany sets complete their interior finish hardware collection for your door.

Emtek Decorative Plate Locks

Decorative Plate Locks

Non-keyed sideplates can be used on large interior doors while keyed sideplate locks are perfect for patio doors. Emtek supplies a variety of models of sideplate locks in Brass models, Wrought Steel models, Sandcast Bronze models, and Tuscany models. These bold plates make a strong statement when used with other decorating elements.

Emtek Deadbolts, Pulls, Hinges & More

Deadbolts, Pulls, Hinges & More

These elements further complete the look of your door to make the perfect entryways for your home. These products are made with the finest materials to give you beautiful products that will last. Aesthetics aren't the only consideration in the case of deadbolts and other accessories as they provide you with high performance that will work perfectly for years.

Emtek Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom accessories such as towelbars, hooks and paper holders are also provided by Emtek to finish the look of your lavatory. Various models are available for Wrought Steel hardware, Bronze hardware, Brass hardware, Stainless Steel hardware and the Tuscany collection of bathroom hardware to make your bathroom as beautiful as the rest of your home.

Emtek Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet Hardware

If your home has built-in storage elements or you are looking to customize some cabinets, Emtek has all the cabinet hardware that you could ever need. Models in Traditional Brass, Arts & Crafts, Crystal, Porcelain, Contemporary Brass, Stainless Steel, Sandcast Bronze, Tuscany Bronze and Wrought Steel are sure to complete the look you're looking for.

Emtek Multi Point Trim & Cylinders

Multi Point Trim & Cylinders

Another finish hardware collection is Emtek's trims and cylinders for multi-point locks. These beautiful sets are available in Brass hardware, Bronze hardware and Lost Wax hardware models. Your patio doors will definitely be upgraded with the installation of these models.

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