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Residential construction, repair, or remodeling. We’ve got you covered when it comes to your doors. We’ve been here for you since 1843. And since we know you count on us to deliver the best, we push ourselves every day to deliver the toughest, strongest, most beautiful finish hardware on the market. Try us and you’ll see why we call ourselves the best.

Stanley Bolt

Bolts and Hasps

Lock and your doors to keep danger out, and look beautiful doing it. Stanley has a line of bolts and hasps that will protect your home as well as upgrading the look of your door.

Stanley Exterior Door Knocker

Exterior Door Trim

This line of finish items will dazzle anyone who comes to your entrance and keep you safely protected inside your home. Chain door guards, door bolts, door knockers and viewers will kepp you safe and their line of house numbers will make sure you won't get lost.

Stanley Screen & Storm Hinge

Gate/Screen and Storm

If your home has a storm door or a screen door, these are the parts that you should attach them to your home with. Keep your door from being opened with our gate latches or use our other storm and screen door parts to keep yourself safe from human or weather storms.

Stanley Hobby & Craft Door Catch

Hobby and Craft

Beauty is the name of the game for the hobby & craft line of finish hardware. But your protection won't be overlooked as these beautifully designed parts are also tough and built to take punishment.

Stanley Window Lock

Interior Hardware

Sometimes you just need something beautiful to brighten up the place. When that's the case, Stanley interior hardware is the solution. Finish hardware for your cabinets were made for long-lasting perfromance, and their window parts and other interior hardware such as handrail brackets and doorstops were also made for practical use.

Stanley Residential Hinge

Residential Hinges

A man's home is his castle, and you can protect your castle with the use of Stanley residential hinges for your doors. These hinges and their accesories come in various metals and are built toughto make sure you can rest easy even when you're not at home.

Stanley Wire Hook

Wire Hooks

Hook up with Stanley's selection of wire hooks for your home. Whether it's for your door or your workshop, Stanley has a selection of wire hooks that you can find a use for.

Stanley Screw Eye

Eyes, Bolts and Turnbuckles

Stanley has a line of eyes, bolts and turnbuckles that have a use for the home workshop, or simply around the home for miscellaneous applications. These hardware parts can be used in many different ways.

Stanley Spring Hinge

Spring Hinges

They are the leader in finish hardware, which is why Stanley has another line of hinges that you can use around the house. These spring hinges will bring the spring back into your step when you see them in action on your doors or garden gates.

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