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Lumber and Plywood Products

Lumber and Plywood Products

The Arlington Coal and Lumber Company only carries lumber of the best quality. We guarantee that whatever kind your building project needs, your requirements will be met at a competitive cost and delivered to you in a timely manner.

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Framing Lumber

Framing LumberThe Arlington Coal and Lumber Company is your source for the best framing lumber in the market. We carry only the most trusted names when it comes to lumber used in the frames of houses and buildings such as Fontaine, Canfor, Weyehaueser, Sierra Pacific, JD Irving, Moose River, and Pleasant River.

Moose River Dimension Lumber

Engineered Lumber

Engineered LumberWhen you need efficient lumber for your floor, roof, beams, and other frame construction systems, the Arlington Coal and Lumber Company delivers the finest cost-effective high performance engineered lumber products. We offer lumber brands that have made a name in highength lumber. When you need lumber that won't shrink, crown, twist or warp, the Arlington Coal and Lumber Company is the place to visit.

Trus Joist Engineered Wood

Plywood & OSB Panels

Plywood and OSB PanelsThe Arlington Coal and Lumber Company takes pride in selling only plywood and oriented strand boards (OSB) panels that meet a high standard of excellence. The brands we carry include Roseburg, Georgia Pacific, and Huber, all respected names in construction for manufacturing and delivering structural panels that the industry's best contractors rely on for their residential and commercial construction projects.
Georgia Pacific Lumber

Finish Lumber

Finish LumberLet us help you create grand works of art by offering you finish lumber that bring out your project's best qualities. Our finish lumber lets you create the perfect space by allowing your room to breathe. We carry all kinds of finish lumber including Ponderosa pine boards, life span treated pine boards, Eastern White Pine, Western Red Cedar boards, Oak and Poplar, and Douglas Fir.


Wood Shingles

Western Red Cedar ShinglesWhen you demand quality and performance for your building project's siding, the Arlington Coal and Lumber Company delivers. Contractors keep coming back to us for their siding requirements because they trust that our western red cedar and eastern white cedar shingles outperform our competitors' products.


Wood Decking

Fir FlooringThe Arlington Coal and Lumber Company stands for high performance and elegance. And these traits are best reflected in the wood decking products we offer. When you need your flooring to stand out, the Arlington Coal and Lumber Company can deliver the products you need to make this happen.


Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure Treated LumberArlington Coal and Lumber Company offers only the finest in pressure treated lumber that's perfect for all types of projects including landscaping, decks, gazebos, walkways and other exposed projects. The combination of high-grade materials and unique pressure treatment ensures that the lumber you get meets the quality and performance you're looking for.