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High-quality of Plywood is important to build dependable wall paneling and durable flooring. At Arlington Coal and Lumber Company, we believe our plywood products can make those areas in your house a good investment. We offer only the finest brands of Lumber Products that are well sanded and have no blemishes. Its ideal for external application and highly resistant to moisture. And at the same time, theyre affordable.

Roseburg is included in our wide collection of lumber products. Call us now to know more about Roseburg products. Our friendly sales personnel is ready to answer your inquiries anytime.

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Siding Panels

NEW Cedar Siding
Breckenridge Siding 12'' groove
Breckenridge Siding 4'' groove
Breckenridge Siding 8'' groove
Breckenridge Siding Plain (no-groove)
Douglas Fir Siding Plain (no-groove)
DouglasFir Siding 12'' groove
DouglasFir Siding 4'' groove
DouglasFir Siding 8'' groove
DuraTemp Siding Primed

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Hardwood Panels

Standard Cuts and Species Panels
Exotic Panels
RediPly Panels
Basswood Panels
Prefinished Panels
Core Options

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Medium Density Overlay (MDO) Panels

1/2"1-Side Medium Density Overlay Plywood 1-Side 4x8 (HUBER) 40 pc per unit
3/4" 1-Side Medium Density Overlay Primed 1-Side 4x8
3/8" Medium Density Overlay Plywood (1-Side) 4x8

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Sanded Panels

15/32 Roseburg Superply 4x8 Sanded Softwood Ext.Plywood
1/4" Roseburg Superply 4x8 Sanded Softwood Ext.Plywood
23/32(3/4)Roseburg Superply 4x8 APA Sanded Fir Plywood
11/32 Roseburg Superply 4x8 Sanded Softwood Plywood

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Construction Grade Panel

PourMor BBOES Concrete Form Panel
RigidFloor Underlayment

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3/4 (23/32) Fir CDX Plywood
3/4(23/32) Underlayment Ply Plum Creek Fir B-Crossband
1/4 Fir ULM-B Crossband 4x8
2 1/2(15/32) 4x8 FIR Underlay Plum Creek B-Crossband
3/4 (23/32) Pyro-Guard CDX SYP 4x8 Interior Fire Treat
3/4(23/32) Pres TRT Plywood 4x8 SYP CDX, .40CCA KDAT
3/4(23/32) Western T&G 4x8 Sturdi Floor ULMT 48/24
RigidFloor Underlayment
SkyPly FSC RigidFloor Underlayment Panel

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