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Andersen is a company with a proud history. They're a privately owned business that's been making windows since 1903, so you know that they're experts at what they do. That's why the Arlington Coal & Lumber Company stocks their products for their discerning customers. Andersen windows are beautiful and long-lasting, so contact one of our friendly sales personnel to find out more about Andersen windows, or pick one up for your home today.

Andersen Windows and Doors

Fast, Easy Installation - The New Andersen® 400 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Insert

Andersen is making replacement quicker and easier. The new 400 Series Tilt-Wash Insert window is a great addition to our replacement portfolio, and designed to save you time when replacing windows. Learn more about the replacement window by watching the new installation video.

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Andersen 200 Series Windows

200 Series Products

Andersen's 200 Series Products are their most affordable line of windows, and are available in double-hung, gliding, picture, transom, specialty and bow & bay window models. Despite being competitively-priced, these windows do not scrimp on quality. The same durability and high-performance that all Andersen windows have can be found in the 200 Series.

Andersen 400 Series Windows

400 Series Products

The 400 Series is a step up in terms of options and is Andersen's most popular model. You can find 400 Series windows across all Andersen window models and you have more choices regarding the interior finishes and exterior colors that this windows have. You can also get 400 Series windows with the EcoExcel Energy Performance Package as an option.

Andersen Architectural Series Windows

Architectural Series

The Andersen series of Architectural windows aren't all about performance, but they top the field in looks as well. Available in casement, awning, double hung and specialty window models, the Architectural series has more interior finishes to choose from, and more exterior colors than even the A-Series.

Andersen A-Series Windows

A-Series Products

The A-Series line of windows from Andersen are certainly top of the line when it comes to looks, having more interior finishes and almost as many exterior colors as the Architectural Series. Models come in casement, awning, double hung, picture, transom and specialty window types. They are limited in availability, so contact our sales representatives if you want to choose an A-Series window now.

Andersen 400 Series Windows with Stormwatch Protection

400 Series Products with Stormwatch Protection

To protect your home against extreme weather conditions such as storms and hurricanes, then the 400 Series is your best bet if you choose their models with the optional Stormwatch Protection package. Impact resistant glass and Perma-Shield exteriors help your window survive the rough weather. Stormwatch Proetection is vailable in casement, awning, double hung, picture, transom and specialty models only.

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