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Mathews Brothers Windows

Mathews Brothers has been developing superior quality window products for New England since 1854. Its manufacturing plant in Belfast, Maine uses state-of-the-art equipment and tools to create windows sourced from a wide-range of materials including traditional wood, vinyl and contemporary composite. The combination of sustainable materials and precision craftsmanship leaves you with window products that are perfect for your home and budget.

Features & Options

Mathews Brothers does more than deliver window products that let the light in and keep the cold out - it also looks towards using new technology to keep its windows environment-friendly and energy-efficient. Known as "Envirosealed Windows", each window uses Duralite® spacers developed by Truseal Technologies as part of its insulating glass spacer system. This technology along with its American made components make Mathews Brothers the premier choice for energy-efficient and cost-effective window products.

Glazing Options, Common Configurations & Color Choices
Mathews Brothers Windows - Manufacturing windows since 1854 in Belfast, Maine

Spencer Walcott Vinyl Window Series

Walcott vinyl window series were designed to meet the demands of homeowners looking for beautifully styled windows that conform to the industry's high performance standards. Made from the highest quality vinyl materials, the Walcott vinyl window series uses a jamb depth chamber, fusion-welded frames and sashes for improved strength, durability and maximum structural integrity. The windows are also equipped with 3/4" insulated glass and 1/2" flat coil spring balances for superior thermal performance and easy operations.

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Spencer Walcott Windows available in Arlington Massachusetts

Noah Merrill Engineered Composite Window Series

Classic design plus super tough engineered materials sums up what the Merrill engineered composite windows are all about. Made from MikronWood®, a patented composite material that combines PVC and acrylic resins to create a solid core, Merill engineered composite windows deliver better thermal performance than fiberglass, aluminum or PVC making them highly resistant to moisture, weather and insects. Its DuraCap™ exterior comes with a permanent white finish that doesn't need painting giving your windows added durability while eliminating the need to do any maintenance work.

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Noah Merrill Windows available in Arlington MA

Clara Starrett High Performance Vinyl Windows

Starrett high performance vinyl windows combine design flexibility and energy efficiency giving you world class performance windows that allow you to upgrade your home, conserve energy and save on money. Providing high-performance results without compromising aesthetics, Starrett vinyl windows are built with an EnergyCore Fusion Insulated framing material. This material contains integral cellular insulation in its chambers for improved strength and toughness against energy flow. Starrett high performance windows also come with Duralite non-conductive warm-edge spaces that promote high resistance to vapor transmission and condensation.

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Clara Starrett Windows available in Arlington Massachusetts