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Velux Roof Windows

The Velux name is derived from the words Ventilation and Lux, the Latin word for light, and that's exactly what they provide their customers as the world leader in roof windows and skylights. Energy efficient-efficient daylighting products are Velux's strength and their line of products are available at the Arlington Coal & Lumber Company. We can supply you with their high-quality roof windows and skylights, or we can answer all your questions about your daylighting needs. All you have to do is contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives today.

Velux Deck Mounted Skylight

Deck Mounted Skylight

Velux's deck mounted skylights are known as the No Leak Skylight because of their patented 3 layers of water protection. This model comes in electric venting models (VSE), Manual venting models (VS), and fixed models that let in light , but no fresh air. Whichever choice you make, you always bring more natural light unto your home.

Velux Curb Mounted Skylight

Curb Mounted Skylight

The VCE electric venting skylight is designed for curb mounted installations and is the ideal daylighting solution for overhead applications. It lets in abundant natural light and opens to let in fresh air with the touch of a button. If you forget to close it, the VCE also closes automatically in case of rain.

Velux Pan-flashed Skylight

Pan-flashed Skylight

The QPF fixed skylight is designed for self-flashed installations. This makes it perfect for visually expanding areas such as hallways and stairwells, and other closed-in, dark spaces that can be transformed with a view of the bright sky. This is an economical choice in creating a beautiful home that is filled with natural light.

Velux Balcony Roof Window

Balcony Roof Window

The GDL Cabrio balcony roof window is the ultimate daylighting experience, opening to create a roof balcony and transforming attics or unused above-garage bonus rooms into extraordinary living spaces. The Cabrio is easy and quick to close in case it rains and it adds sophistication to your space with extra light and a stunning floor-to-ceiling view.

Velux Top-hinged Roof Window

Top-hinged Roof Window

Fill upstairs space such as attics, above-garage bonus rooms and loft areas and transform them into beautiful living areas filled with daylight, outdoor views and fresh air with the use of the GPL roof window. Designed to be installed within reach, the GPL's top-hung function and large, 45° opening angle offers excellent views.

Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight

Sun Tunnel Skylight

Innovation is the key for this daylighting solution that provides any room in your home with bright, natural light through the use of highly-reflective rigid or flexible tubes. Sun Tunnels are used on pitched or low-profile roofs for lighting options that can even be used at night with the use of an optional light kit.

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