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Only companies with an open charge account in your name
I/we authorize the above listed trade and bank references, upon verbal or written request, to release such information requested relative to open accounts, notes, mortgages, construction loans, and average deposit balances, pertinent to the granting of credit by this application.
Terms of Account

Agree(s) to pay entire monthly balance, as stated on monthly statement of account, by thirtieth (30) day of the same month.

Agrees to pay a service fee of 1½% (19% per annum) per month on all balances remaining unpaid thirty (30) after statement of account date.

Agree(s) to pay all reasonable charges for collection, including reasonable attorneys fees if account is in default.

Authorize($) above company($), at the time of delivery, to leave material($) at delivery address if buyers agent is not present, at that location, at the time of delivery.

The undersigned warrant($) that all information provided herein is true and accurate as of the date of this document. The undersigned further warrants that he/shefthey is fully authorized to execute this application individually or in the capacity designated after signature and the information pro­ vided will form the basis for and be relied upon in extending credit to the undersigned for the purchase of lumber and or building products.

This extension of credit may result in a lien or notice of lien within ninety (90) days after last fur­ nishing materials pursuant to massachusetts general law chapter 254 et seq. As amended by chapter 364 of the acts of 1996.


In consideration of your extending credit to the applicant on the reverse side hereof, the undersigned hereby unconditionally guarantees the timely payment to you of a!! sums, even if in excess of the applied for, or established, credit limit, now due or which may hereafter become due and payable by virtue of your extension of credit to the applicant, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, legal and other costs of attempts to collect said sums from Customer and the undersigned, and lawful interest on said sum.

The liability of the undersigned shall be primary, and if more than one person or entity signs this agreement, shall be joint and several, and shall not be affected by any discharge, extension of time, release of security, acceptance of compromise or any other modification of the liability of the Customer, and shall not be dependent upon recourse to any remedies against the Customer, except that the undersigned shall receive credit for any sum received on Customer's account. The undersigned hereby waives any notice of the time and amount of extension of credit to the Customer, as well as rights of set-off, redemption and counterclaim which may be alleged to exist in favor of Customer.

This agreement is intended to cover a running account by the Customer and will remain in full force and effect until 14 days after withdrawn by a writing sent by registered mail, return receipt requested and received at the address listed. Such withdrawals shall be effective prospectively only, and this agreement shall remain in full force and effect with respect to all sums of money that are due and that become due from Customer as a result of transactions through and including the date 14 days after said withdrawal is received. No rights against the undersigned are waived by failure to exercise any rights against the Customer upon his default. The incorporation, merger, reorganization or sale of Customer's business shall not operate as a termination of this guaranty. The undersigned hereby agrees to pay any and all of said sums, together with all legal and other cost including attorney's fees of enforcing the agreement contained herein both as against the customer and the undersigned.

This agreement is a Massachusetts contract and shall be interpreted under the Laws of said Commonwealth and shall be effective immediately. This agreement is binding upon the undersigned, his administrators, executors, heirs and assigns.