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Sudbury Lumber Company

Sudbury Lumber Company

Address: 28 Union Avenue Sudbury, MA 01776-0833
Phone: (978) 443-1680
Fax: (978) 443-4129

Before modernism, Sudbury celebrated its stunning antique homes, Victorian gems, and beautiful colonial architecture. The town also showcases and celebrates the era of energy and idealism reflected in modern architecture. Because they can be easily adapted to fit the contours of almost any piece of land, modern houses were well suited to the Codfish state's wooded and often hilly landscape. The split level layout and post and beam construction found in many Mid-Century homes provide an architect with significant flexibility when working with a grade or wishing to take advantage of a specific outdoor view. Sudbury Lumber Company is the best place to shop for quality lumber products, backed by the best knowledge and service the industry has to offer, after years of selling lumber and building materials to professional contractors and home builders. If you're looking for the best building materials and lumber supplier, look no further. Sudbury Lumber is here to help you from the moment you start the construction project, up to the key turnover.

Sudbury Lumber provides exquisite lumber, engineered lumber, building materials, kitchen cabinets, plywood, paint, moldings, windows and doors, and other materials ranging from framing for colonial style homes to custom trim work for modern-style federal houses. Sudbury Lumber will provide both quality materials packaged for shipping protection and excellent customer service. We are your best partner in bringing your dream project to life by providing best lumber estimates. We have the best collection of building products in Massachusetts, and complete all of the materials needed to create something beautiful.

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