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Trus Joist
Building a Safe and Well-Built Home

Trus Joist provides straight and strong headers and studs that are perfect for homes with tall walls that are filled with windows. These engineered wood products are made from high grade materials making it easy to build worry-free walls that are stable and straight.

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Zip System
Insulate and Protect Your Homes

The all-in-one ZIP System® R Sheathing panel provides a new approach to sealing and insulating the building envelope. One panel delivers thermal, air and moisture resistance, while providing excellent strength and durability.

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Trex Decking

Build a Spacious and Fabulous Deck

Trex Decking is the perfect partner if for those looking to have their own composite decking installed in their home. Made of sturdy and durable materials complete with different types of finishes, you get a strong and elegant deck space that's capable of supporting numerous people on its floor.

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Andersen Windows

Beautiful Windows That Are Easy To Install

Andersen offers top-of-the-line, high performance window products that are designed to protect you from outside elements and harsh weather conditions. With different styles, finishes and colors, Andersen windows are fast and easy to install making them a great addition to any home.

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Superior PVC Trim Products at Your Fingertips

Kleer PVC Trims give you natural white color mouldings to help personalize and style your home. Unlike conventional wood mouldings, Kleer PVC have a great ability to resist rot, decay or any related wood infection, and do not require paint application.

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Simpson Joist Hangers are in stock and available

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Arlington Coal and Lumber - Dupont Tyvek Flexwrap

High performance DuPont Tyvek Housewrap

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Arling Coal and Lumber - Weyerhaeuser Lumber

TrusJoist by Weyerhaeuser : Your preferred supplier for more than 100 years

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Pairing Paint & Stain with you project

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Arlington Coal and Lumber - Estimate Service

Estimate Service

New shed? Constructing a new house? We will provide you with an exact and helpful estimate.
Arlington Coal and Lumber - Job Site Delivery

Job Site Delivery

Free job-site delivery service for orders over $250.00. Perfect for your specific delivery needs.